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Checking Cell Phone

It is amazing how technology has gripped the world.  Ten years ago the texts would have been jibberish to everyone.  Today most people use acronyms many times a day to the point where I would be surprised if they still know how to spell correctly.  And I am just as guilty.

Like everyone else, I am running around with the smart phone, feeling disconnected if I leave my phone at home.  I wonder what call I missed, who is emailing and texting me.  Instant knowledge is not at my fingertips.  It seems the whole world revolves around cell phones, pads, pods and laptops.  But how did we get here and where are we going?

Well it seems that we got here in the blink of an eye.  I feel I am the last generation that actually wrote a letter, mailed a birthday card or had a conversation on a land line.  Last week I read on the internet of course, that “Newsweek” will be ceasing their print edition in the US, that they will be going all digital.  Does that surprise us, no.  How many actually buy a magazine or newspaper, please raise your hand.  And yes my hand is not raised, guilty as charged.

The USPS is in the tank financially because most people pay their bills online.  No one is sending greeting cards in the mail, that is a double whammy.  The American Greeting Card company will be closing one of their US plants because of sales.  Obviously, too many wishing each other a Happy Birthday on Facebook.

So where is this all leading to?  A Virtual Society, one with no physical libraries, shopping malls or….. Well I may be a little dramatic, but with iPads, Kindles and the like, the libraries are next.  It will remain to be seen how far we travel down this path and how it impacts our lives.


About Lizette Strait

Lizette Strait lives in Upstate New York with her husband, Alan, and 3 cats, Simon, Natasha, and Buffy Mae. An avid writer for years, she is a freelance writer, blogger, and a published author. Lizette is the author of the children's chapter book, Pink Sneakers series and also writes Adult Sci-fi fantasy with a twist as JK Candlen. As a co-founder of Chicken Scratch, an online writing salon and a partner in 518 Publishing company, Lizette encourages writers to follow their dream of seeing their words in print. Every Sunday night you can find her at Denny's writing with her NaNoWriMo group. It is where she enjoys a cup of coffee, a hot fudge sundae and getting the words down. Follow her writing rants www.lizettestrait.com

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  1. veganrose says:

    I hope the library will evolve, and increase in strength as a gathering place for the community and for interest groups, such as book clubs and writers’ circles…

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