An apple a day keeps the doctor away

But a cup of tea is better

Can’t wait for it to reach my lips

Drink, taste and savor


Everyone should have a cup each day

For you will feel much pleasure

Greatness comes from such a little bag

Here, here pour me another


I am staring down enjoying my friend

Joyous overflows

Kettle whistling once again

Loving the tooting meander


Maybe I will share you now but

Never with a foe

Oh little cup of tea I adore

Please stay a little longer


Queens and kings have drank you too

Righteous as they are

Sipping your sweet bouquet of delights

Tiaras all around


Until we meet again and cheer

Vigil I will wait

Waning and waxing moon won’t keep

X marks the spot


Yes I love my cup of tea,

            It brings me so much pleasure

Zippy, zeal and zealous I feel

            Whenever we do meet


About Lizette Strait

Lizette Strait lives in Upstate New York with her husband, Alan, and 3 cats, Simon, Natasha, and Buffy Mae. An avid writer for years, she is a freelance writer, blogger, and a published author. Lizette is the author of the children's chapter book, Pink Sneakers series and also writes Adult Sci-fi fantasy with a twist as JK Candlen. As a co-founder of Chicken Scratch, an online writing salon and a partner in 518 Publishing company, Lizette encourages writers to follow their dream of seeing their words in print. Every Sunday night you can find her at Denny's writing with her NaNoWriMo group. It is where she enjoys a cup of coffee, a hot fudge sundae and getting the words down. Follow her writing rants

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