Well I survived November. It was filled with challenges and meltdowns. As a writer, I participate in NaNoWriMo where you are challenged to write a 50,000 word draft novel in 30 days.
It is not enough to commit to write about 1700 words a day but to balance it with life, it can be quite intimidating. Add into the mix cooking Thanksgiving dinner and well I think you get it.
I am a procrastinator, why do something now when you can do it tomorrow. I am a deadline driven type of person, thriving on the chase for the finish line.
I only had about 41,000 words down by Tuesday November 26th so I knew that the adrenaline would be surging as I put down 9,000 words with some sort of relevance to the story and get ready for Thanksgiving. But then it happened, as panic set in not knowing where the story was going to end up, I printed my 100 plus page draft.
Well I guess printing such a large document is not the thing to do with my little notebook. The computer crashed and needless to say followed by a meltdown. I was stunned as I stared at the blue screen of death. But I had faith that it could be all fixed as I brought to my neighborhood computer fairy.
As she looked at the computer and shook her head, she said “It didn’t look good.” I was shocked that the statement was followed by “Not sure if we can retrieve any data either.”
I was devastated. I went home thinking I lost everything. The story was coming along nicely and I knew I could get it publisher ready.
So here I am, no computer, 100 plus pieces of paper and despair. But as luck had it, Black Friday was in 2 days and with the good grace of the sale I came home with a computer. I only had about 1 day to reenter the draft and come up with 9,000 words, But as providence has it, technology rules the day.
There are some great OCR apps for the smart phones and within about 2 hours I had taken a pic of each page of my draft, emailed it to myself and copied and pasted it into a new document. So after a long a grueling night I made it to the finish line with an hour to spare.
Now comes the daunting task of expanding and editing the story to a novel size manuscript. I hope I learned my lesson to back up by files, but knowing myself probably not.

About Lizette Strait, Children's Book Author; JK Candlen, SciFi Author

Lizette Strait lives in Upstate New York with her husband, Alan and 3 cats, Simon, Natasha, and Buffy Mae. An avid writer for years, she has finally pressed the button and published her 1st novel, 'Pink Sneakers in Space' in May 2016. She loves writing children's books and is already working on book 2 in the Pink Sneakers series. The book is due out by the end of the summer. Lizette also writes Adult Sci-fi fantasy with a historical twist as JK Candlen. She is co-founder of Chicken Scratch, an online writing salon and a partner in 518 Publishing company. Every Sunday night you can find her at Denny's writing with her NaNoWriMo group. It is where she enjoys a cup of coffee, a hot fudge sundae and getting the words down. Follow her writing rants www.lizettestrait.com

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  1. veganrose says:

    Woo hoo! Way to go!

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