Today is December 5th and 2013 is quickly slipping by. The Holidays are in full swing but am I in the spirit? No not really.

Here I am sitting at my computer scanning the news and social sites. I should be working but for some reason I don’t have the gumption to get up and go. Is this the holiday blues? It is anyone’s guess, but the thought of the holidays can be pretty depressing.

Think about all the people anticipating that ‘perfect gift’. You spend hours, maybe days thinking and searching for the special present. You either trudge to the mall battling for a parking space or sit on your bum at home and surf the web, then worry about it arriving in time.

Will they love it or will they return it? Who knows but somewhere deep inside it bothers you that it could end up at their garage sale next summer.

Of course there are those people that say ‘they don’t celebrate’ the holidays. And there are more people than you realize in this category. They are just not vocal about their opinion. People lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas, they get caught up with life and feel intimidated with the whole holiday ritual. I am not getting corny or anything, but it’s true.

The news today seems to be filled with horrible tragedies, events, wrecks, rape and mayhem. That is enough to depress anyone. And of course there are the ‘feel good’ stories but to tell you the truth, I am not looking for that right now. I want to wallow in my blues for a while before someone gives me a swift kick.



About Lizette Strait

Lizette Strait lives in Upstate New York with her husband, Alan, and 3 cats, Simon, Natasha, and Buffy Mae. An avid writer for years, she is a freelance writer, blogger, and a published author. Lizette is the author of the children's chapter book, Pink Sneakers series and also writes Adult Sci-fi fantasy with a twist as JK Candlen. As a co-founder of Chicken Scratch, an online writing salon and a partner in 518 Publishing company, Lizette encourages writers to follow their dream of seeing their words in print. Every Sunday night you can find her at Denny's writing with her NaNoWriMo group. It is where she enjoys a cup of coffee, a hot fudge sundae and getting the words down. Follow her writing rants

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